• Mint Green Terrarium Decor
  • Mint Green Terrarium Decor
  • Mint Green Terrarium Decor
  • Mint Green Terrarium Decor

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Mint Green Terrarium Decor



This beautiful gold dipped rock crystal air plant combines the elegant aqua hue with a glimmering dash of gold. A lovely air plant perches on the opaque amazonite crystal to create this chic and modern boho decor. Amazonite is the stone for inspiration, courage, and calmness. This mini plant is perfect as office desk accessories, boho decor, or small gift for your friends!  

The air plant is mounted on the crystal with a custom prong to provide the best air circulation and moisture barrier. Your air plant will stay healthy and beautiful for years to come given some love and care!

+ 1 Amazonite Crystal (~1.5" - 2.5") Air Planter
+ 1 Live air plant (1" - 2” across)
+ Kraft gift box
+ Air plant care instructions
Air plant care:

Follow the air plant care instructions inside the box to get started! You can put your crystal air plant anywhere indoor with some filtered light and good air circulation. Home or office fluorescent lighting are fine as well. Mist your plants 2-3 times a week so the leaves are moist but not dripping wet. Let the plant wind dry and you are all set.

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